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Blogger & Social Media Influencer - Ana-Marija Hota

Blogger & Social Media Influencer – Ana-Marija Hota

This journey started long before actual move to Dublin, Ireland. Idea followed me for many years,but hesitated by running my own successful business in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb where I was born and lived my entire life.

Why did I relocate from such a beautiful country? People often ask. Because I couldn’t reach my full potentials there, often I felt that society doesn’t support individuals and unique ideas. They like to put you in the drawers and I have too many dreams, plans and ideas that I wasn’t willing to give up.

Always wanted to live in multicultural society, where everyone is different, with culture unknown to me, with background and stories I’ve never heard before.

After the long, bloody war in 90’es, which ruined half of my childhood and then further post war young adult years during which I often felt much older then I actually was and after reached 30’s, I felt as needed a huge change in my life.

So when Croatia finally joined EU in the summer of 2013th we started to plan this journey.

Only 2 months later had few job offers and found apartment in a beautiful part of Dublin, managed to sell my business and car in less than 1 month. Almost all of our things, clothes, some furniture, we donated to the charity.

Further on with husband, 2 kids and few suitcases, I was on the plane to Dublin.

My mom cried, my clients were shocked, my family and friends in general all thought I’ve lost my mind. But nothing could stop me, I felt deep inside that this will be the best decision ever.

This is where this blog starts…

Originally written in Croatian language, after 2 years it had more than million views, coverage in all eminent media in Croatia and the large number of expats followers are reading me in 90 countries around the world.

Hope you will be equally inspired and in love in my writing as they are…

Many kisses,

Ana-Maria Hota


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