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Ifta awards Dublin

Irish Oscar, the red carpet, Colin Farell…

Through the crowd of photographers and the curious audience we made it to the room with her film colleagues. They were having a party and they sent us into the directors’ room, an Emmy award winner, where I did her hair styling and did her makeup for her

Concert U2 Bono Vox live on stage

The most famous Dubliners, U2

The day was Wednesday, the time of the day was evening. We visited a local pub for a couple of hours. It’s a totally charming and rustic place that is completely full on weekends

New Years Eve

New Year’s resolutions

I don’t get chance to tell my loved ones a lot of the things I write, so every time they read it is interesting. Recently I was thinking about how much personal stuff I write here, diaries are usually kept locked, under a pillow