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New Year’s resolutions

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Hi folks, I’m at xx xxx views. Wow! Thank you, that’s unbelievable. The figures inspired my friend to read my blog, haha. It turns out she even likes it!

I don’t get chance to tell my loved ones a lot of the things I write, so every time they read it is interesting. Recently I was thinking about how much personal stuff I write here, diaries are usually kept locked, under a pillow. Often I feel as if I am letting you inside my mind although some things I still keep to myself. Those spicy details might even make it into a book if there’s enough interest.

Enough fun, let’s start with the fantastic news for all those eager to work in Ireland. In 2014 forecasts predicted 6000 new jobs in Dublin, in the tourism sector. Last year, Dublin was visited by 3 million tourists from England alone. Imagine how many people came from other parts of the world….

So far my hairdressing chair clientele in Ireland has included French, English, Egyptian, African, German, Australian, Canadian, American, Dutch and many others. I do not even try to make a mental note any more but I still find it fun. It makes me more confident in my skills because I have been able to meet their different style requests.

Wheel cirkus Ballsbridge Dublin

It’s been 3 months and a few days since I got this job, I’m hoping the probation period is behind me, although apparently legally it can extend up to 12 months which freaks me out a little. It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, it’s just that you never know. At the beginning of the new year the footfall of clientele will go slightly down but that never bothers me too much. Best to take it day by day.

I had a lot of paid time off around the holidays so I finally got time to myself and away from curly blow dry’s. I have male clients who return on a regular base, which to me personally is a bit of a holiday, they are always happy and uncomplicated.

Today a colleague teased me, she was watching the camera monitor and she said: “Ana, man for you,” I said, “How do you know, there’s no request?” and she laughs: “They are all here for you”. Hahaha… A moment later another colleague came in and said, “Anna, it’s for you…”. LOL. All the girls in the staff room started to laugh.

I spent Christmas at the beach, it was a beautiful sunny day, you can see a picture we made in the sand with sea shells. Next we visited the Christmas Wonderland near my work, all my peers received free tickets for the Santa Claus Circus, so I brought my family there too.

Cirkus Ballsbridge Dublin Inside

On New Year’s eve some boys and girls entered the Dart with alcohol and started yelling. They sat next to me and started to push each other. In a less than a minute well groomed security guards warmly welcomed them and showed them the way to the exit. It was disgusting how many girls were cursing and giving rude hand gestures. Of course they only had the courage to do that once they had stepped off the train, probably because the security guys definitely do not look like people to mess with 😀
Basically they protect us and keep everything graaand as the Irish would say!!!

On New Year’s Eve I realized that I did not hear any fireworks in Dublin or surrounding area which I’m delighted about. I’ve never been able to distinguish their purpose other than to scare little babies and animals, or blow off someone’s limb.

I do not have any New Year’s resolutions. The decision is not having any decisions, to live, try to enjoy the journey, having no ideas about what tomorrow might bring. The only thing I sincerely wish for is good health, for my family and I.

I wish the same to you!
Happy New Year!
Yours Ana

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