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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

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What’s up guys? I’ve enjoyed a whole sunshine-filled week, and one very warm day. One day. Irish people were teasing me with the words “It was the first and last day of summer.” Funny 😉 .

This year’s Euro Football Championship was the most interesting so far, due to objective Irish TV commentators and impressive Irish comments. It’s popular these days to be a Croat in Ireland. After that unjust penalty, everyone said that we had no luck with the referee. A lot of Irish people commented that it was incredible that such a small nation has such good athletes. They complained that they do not have the same in Ireland. I joked that a lot of Croats are coming to Ireland and some already have children in puberty who play football in Dublin, so that one day maybe Ireland will also learn how to play good football. One Irishman said sarcastically, “Yeah, but then they will choose to join the Croatian national team, and we’re screwed again.” Well, who knows…?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I was with my colleagues at a seminar the other day. A famous International director hairdresser from London was showing us some new tricks: complete male and female (long) hair cutting exclusively with clippers. Not that I will use that daily in the salon but, for example, if during the night my scissors get eaten by a giant scissor-loving dragon, it will be a huge bonus for me to have this skill. Mostly the seminar was good. Unfortunately, after so many years of hard work it is not easy for me to be impressed by something I already know. Anyhow, I tried this technique the next morning on a client, and he was delighted. Last year I attended two large seminars hosted by the Tony & Guy International Team, and they were truly amazing. I’ll have to go to London soon for more ‘hair raising’ excitement…

We have a new colleague, a redheaded Irishman, and took a liking to him from day one. I explained to him that since he arrived last, his duty is to clean after all of us. (Hehe, thankfully he’s smart and immediately knew that I was joking with him.) He came from a workplace where there was no sitting allowed (same as I) and every time we would not have any clients, he would get a bit nervous thinking that he’ll get in trouble if he sat in the staff room. I was like him at the beginning, so I instantly noticed the discomfort on his face.

I said “You’re probably thinking ‘this is a hoax, I’ll get in trouble, I’ll get fired for sitting down’.
He said “Yeah, you read my mind.

I told him to relax and enjoy the day.  The boy is also very kind. Today he swept the floor under my chair at the end of the work day and thanked me for all the advice I gave him. Nice….

To all my readers: Thanks for sending me such nice e-mails and calling my blog a ‘book’. Thanks for the encouragement that makes me write the next blog post. I’m still going through some rough times, a small storm. Okay, not very small. It’s more like a hurricane, but I’ll sail out of it somehow… Maybe one day I’m gonna write about the whole thing, so damn the consequences! Definitely something for the book. But as long as we have our health, the rest will be easily solved…

I have learned, with a lot of painful bloody blisters as proof.

Kisses good people, your Ana-Marija

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