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Discovering Ireland’s most beautiful drives

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Ireland is one of Europe’s most popular tourist hotspots, with people travelling from all over the continent to experience the renowned culture this amazing country has to offer. As Ireland’s capital city and the hub for the true Irish extravaganza, Dublin is the most favoured destination on the island, as well as the northern Irish city of Belfast.

Packed with tourist attractions, mouthwatering cuisine and unforgettable nightlife, it’s easy to understand why locations such as Dublin are so popular, but the country has so much more to offer. Tucked away in areas across Ireland are some of the most beautiful destinations that are waiting to be discovered.

From picturesque landscapes to the tranquility of open coastal roads, there’s a side to Ireland you may not know existed. The perfect way to experience these locations is by road and to enjoy some of the most beautiful drives on offer, Chill Insurance asked over 400 Irish people to vote on their favorite route and we wanted to share the results with you.

Bantry to Killarny

Finishing in third place with 16% of the vote was the peaceful drive from Bantry to Killarny. Whether you live in Ireland or not, this route allows you to experience true local Irish culture as you visit the quaint villages of Glengarriff and Kenmare.

During your drive, you’ll be able to take a stroll around the peaceful waters of Glengarriff’s fishing harbour and observe the colourful buildings of Kenmare. One of the standout features of the local area is the array of gourmet eateries, which provide the perfect stop to grab a bite to eat before you continue on your drive.

Galway to Westport

The route from Galway to Westport was voted Ireland’s second most favoured drive with 17% of people in agreement. Whether it’s enjoying the route with your family or friends, Galway to Westport is the perfect place to take in some of the country’s pristine scenery.

At the heart of this drive is the picturesque coastal town of Clifden. The town is often visited by tourists due to its welcoming atmosphere and local amenities, but most importantly, because of the stunning Twelve Bens mountain range which provides the ultimate backdrop. Whether it’s a brisk walk around the town or a drive along the 11km Sky road, the sightseeing opportunities and unforgettable views are not to be missed.

The Dingle Peninsula

If you haven’t already experienced the Dingle Peninsula then you only have to complete a small amount of research to understand why this route was voted Ireland’s most beautiful drive, with 35% of the vote.

Forming part of the Wild Atlantic Highway, the Dingle Peninsula route provides breathtaking landscapes and views. The route takes you through Conor Pass, where you can take in the majestic mountain ranges surrounding you, before you continue along the winding roads to more picturesque views. As you travel further along the route, you’ll be met with the peaceful waters of Carrie Lakes; the perfect ending to your trip.

As well as experiencing the hustle and bustle of Irish cities such as Dublin and Belfast, it’s worth looking further afield to discover some of the country’s locations which aren’t as well known. From pristine landscapes to quaint towns and villages, Ireland has an array of locations and attractions that are waiting to be explored.

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