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Popular places in Dublin - Hotels, Bars, Restaurants

The cool spots Dubliners like to go to…

My life was really busy recently. Although I’m always complaining about it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I had gotten an interesting offer from one of the biggest international media groups who was coming to Ireland. They asked me to be part of an article in one of their magazines, and video they are going to film about Dublin. The focus was on bars, restaurants, and any cool spots Dubliners like to go to…

Bermuda Elbow Beach

Bermuda and Ireland… the land of my dreams…

Bermuda, my first overseas destination… A country that made me so excited and ruined the next few holidays I spent in Croatia. No exciting butterflies in your stomach when you’re discovering this unknown, undiscovered world. The thrill of not knowing what lies around the corner and what’s going to surprise you next.

Conor Pope and Ana-Maria-Hota The Irish Times Dublin

With Conor Pope in the head office of the Irish Times

Once again Ireland surprised me, this time an Irishman, to be precise. Last August, as part of the competition for the best salon in Ireland, I did a hot towel shave in front of a photographer for the Irish Times newspaper. Their well-known journalist Conor Pope had the honour of surviving his time under my knife