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Club dancing Dublin

Oh that’s lovely, thanks a million, that’s perfect, grand, brilliant…

If you want to come to Ireland and do not know English, don’t worry, these words from above are sufficient….

Oh, I’m so sorry, you are lovely, they are lovely, we are lovely, everything is brilliant, perfect, thanks a mill. 😀

Of course occasionally you can meet someone who is curious, so the conversation becomes more interesting, they’re trying to examine everything, asking what you would like to know about Ireland.

Upstyle in progress behind the scenes hairstyles Ana-Marija Hota

Schools and my job in Dublin…

So let’s start. The schools are phenomenal, when kids are restless the teacher sings them a little song and everyone sings along. Homework is creative. For example, while learning letter pronunciation, children act out and imitate sounds of snakes, playing tennis