Life in Dublin

Oh that’s lovely, thanks a million, that’s perfect, grand, brilliant…

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If you want to come to Ireland and do not know English, don’t worry, these words from above are sufficient….

Oh, I’m so sorry, you are lovely, they are lovely, we are lovely, everything is brilliant, perfect, thanks a mill. 😀

Of course occasionally you can meet someone who is curious, so the conversation becomes more interesting, they’re trying to examine everything, asking what you would like to know about Ireland.

One cool Irish girl, tall, red-haired, my age, burst with laughter when I told her about one of Croatian mayors, Batman, who hunts snowflakes around town (and any resemblance to actual persons and events are coincidental).

Definitely the nicest and most generous was a woman from South Africa who has lived in Canada for 20 years in a long-time partnership with an Irish guy. Currently they are here visiting his family. She described how in Canada he works with several Croats and they are very good, nice people. The woman laughed loudly, talking about everything, she was thrilled that I was not totally uptight and reserved, she admired my artistic haircutting, which she complimented loudly to my manager as she left.

People often ask me if I’m Polish? Or if Croatia is located near Albania or Kosovo? At least half of the people who think I’m Polish have visited to Dubrovnik, which they pronounce with strong accents “DUUUbrooovniiik…”

This weekend we visited the castle again and this time we were in it, it was too perfect. All the rooms, the antiques, paintings, the whole story of this estate is fascinating. A Family ticket cost €26, which seemed expensive to us but the castle tickets include a tour around the surrounding botanical gardens, planted by one of the nobles who lived in it. I’d like to have found out the details but with one seven year old girl who was running around and one screaming 3 year old boy and a Spanish (I think) tour guide, it was difficult to capture all the information. The Botanical garden is impressive, I’ll let you judge by the photos because words simply cannot describe the beauty….

After a month in Ireland the current conclusion is:

In general the Irish are very nice people, often behind congeniality hiding something else, they’ll pack critique in brighter cellophane, but definitely need to be taken seriously. For example my boss said ” You know, maybe your hair looks better in a bun, okay? ”. When actually she is most likely thinking: ” From this moisture in the air your hair is a little dishevelled and be sure to put it in a bun. Immediately. Oh, are you still there? I said immediately…”.  Happily, they also are willing to forgive some initial mistakes. Which is grand. And great. Brilliant, perfect, luuuuvely…. J

Cheers, Ana

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