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London Escape with blogger Ana-Maria Hota Life-in-Dublin

Weekend break in London…

Cheap, cheap flights, multiple times per day with multiple Airlines. I was in London many times, but always for a layover. This time the visit was purely touristic. I wanted to see stuff, but also to enjoy my break without rushing from one tourist site to another, and we know there are many of them. Luckily my friend William knows London very well and he gave me some awesome tips…

Bermuda Elbow Beach

Bermuda and Ireland… the land of my dreams…

Bermuda, my first overseas destination… A country that made me so excited and ruined the next few holidays I spent in Croatia. No exciting butterflies in your stomach when you’re discovering this unknown, undiscovered world. The thrill of not knowing what lies around the corner and what’s going to surprise you next.

Dublin City by Night

First days in Dublin

When I realised that here (in Dublin) I would be earning much more, and that Ireland offered a number of opportunities for a better life, the decision was easy.Chatting with a friend in my salon about the idea on one occasion,she told me she had a good friend who lived in Dublin for a number of years and that she would hook me up with her