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Christmas madness has begun…

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This week literally ran me over. Christmas Google party, AIB bank party and yet it seems to me there are another 195 parties to come. On Wednesday I was free but all other days I worked from 7.30am and came home at 6pm, when I was lucky. On Friday, when the hairdressing salon was the most busy, I woke up at 5:45 am, raced onto the dart at 6.30 am and didn’t put down the stupid hair brushes until 18.30pm!!! Okay, I had a break of one hour but it felt like I didn’t. At one point in the lounge it was so busy it was unbelievable. My Brazilian colleague and I were performing some kind of yoga stretching exercises in a staff room, hahaha. Not that I practice yoga on regular basis but when doing this job stretching exercises come to you like breathing, without it I would not have survived….

Today is Sunday… I barely woke up, I am nervous, tired and have insomnia and had to drink pain killers. I’ve been experiencing such busy days in my salon , but the curly blow dries here are by far the worst I’ve ever had. If a woman has a curly afro, well now she will have decided that she want flat, smooth hair. If she has flat, thin hair, of course she wants loooong, natural curly hair. It makes me wonder whether women are really so complicated or if it is all a conspiracy against us hairdressers 😀 With all the work we have to do, we have to be fully dressed, we have to entertain and have perfect make-up. Because we are in the “Fashion industry”?!

I’ll have to post some pictures of me in my typical work clothes. Black dress, with lace or some metal accessories, black leggings, red lipstick and similar unnecessary nonsense for daytime look. I love to be dressed up, but I definitely miss my shirts, scarves, jeans and my favourite pink all-star sneakers and definitely some colours, bright green, yellow, and other colours. That’s why I have all eclectic metallic pink brushes, purple clips and silver hair dryer. Haha. One client of mine dies with laughter when she sees them. She says “these brushes will definitely not be lost in someone else’s kit!”

I almost forgot to tell you about awkward and unpleasant experience recently had with Ulster Bank. They called me at work, on the salon land line and declared themselves as employees of the bank and asked if I work there. My manager, all confused, passed me the phone. The guy on the other side of the line wanted me to bring written proof of my current address, now, five weeks after I opened the account and after my wages have regularly sat on the account every week. I said ok but when I got home my patience got to the end, it is simply pure discrimination. I contacted their customer service, told them everything, they agreed that it is discrimination and that they will take further steps and someone will call me back. After they sent me two letters apologising to me and kindly asking if I would like to go further in processing my case, to which I replied NO. Mistakes can be made, we are all human but if you can justify them and improve the situation then it is over. Just make sure it does not happen again to someone else. There is a statistic that says on every complaint addressed, around thirty people will let the situation pass without notice.

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