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Oops, I did it again…!

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No, I have not sung a bad Britney Spears song that stopped the traffic in the good old times. When I was nineteen years old and I was always running late, I would be regularly running to the bus stop at the last moment. Since I’m a very decent person who never passed by the driver without greeting, they would regularly waiting for me or even park in front of my house, instead of fifty metres further up the road at the actual bus station.

The day before yesterday I arrived to the train station on time but I could not find the ticket. It was lost somewhere in my overloaded purse. I ran to the cash register to buy another ticket and who was there but the same man who last time had sent me to the “right side of the station” and I missed the dart. This time he said “wait!” rushed out and yelled to the driver to stop and wait, while the entrance doors were about to close. He sold me the ticket, escorted me to the train and signalled to the driver to go! It was a truly comic scene at 6.30am in the morning! I was really grateful.

Decency is always worth it; one lesson that some people unfortunately will never learn.

Here we come again to my haters, sometimes it seems that there are a lot of them but essentially it is a very small group consisting of a couple of Croats and a few Serbians. According to them, everything I have written so far is nonsense, lies, and is deceiving poor people who read me, some of whom even came to Dublin and did not manage to find you a job.

Was it my fault that someone could not find a job?!

They say “I promise honey and milk, I am fooling people and telling them to go to hazardous neighbourhoods” … I’m not a politician nor do I have ambitions to become one of them. My main reason for writing this blog is for people who love to read… and there’s a lot of them who like it and thank you for that!

Let make this clear: I never lie, I do not write under a pseudonym and I definitely stand behind every written sentence, no matter how painful. And that’s all I have to say on that subject.

Today, we had beautiful Croatian-Irish couple with two adorable little children to visit. The woman had continuously lived outside of Croatia from the age of nineteen, in America, England and now in Ireland. It’s amazing how many great people contact me, from which I now predict a quite better and richer social life than in Zagreb. I do not want to spit on my homeland and hometown but on many occasions I was burned by some “friends” and I can freely say how I have only missed a few of them. Of course, let me not forget my clients in Zagreb, with whom I felt almost like extended family, so if one of them reads this – sending a big thank you, for everything.

The salon is slowly preparing for the Christmas rush, next week for the first time in my life I have a “staff meeting” and soon we will have our Christmas party in “Cafe Boulevard”. I cannot wait!

Yesterday, I was styling to a nice Parisian lady’s hair, she’s lived in Dublin several years and worked as a nanny before she spent three years in Australia. She says that Paris is bad for life, that Parisians are terribly arrogant and rude. I asked her “How you mean rude?! If you ask them for a location will they not tell you or something? She replied “Oh, they will tell you the direction, absolutely, just they will deliberately send you to the wrong way!!“. Hahahaha WTF?!?! Unbelievable!

She also described a situation with some Americans, when they asked her for directions she replied honestly but the woman attacked her, saying “Come on, why am I even asking, you’ve probably told us the completely wrong way” and they began to quarrel. Insanity…

At the end she concluded that tourists either love Paris and have the best time or hate it and have a bad time, it completely depends on luck. Either way it is definitely worth a visit to enjoy the beauty of the city. Accompanied by local map of course…:)

Regarding Australia, she did not like it because she found the people strange and over three years she had not made any friends. She says it’s definitely a great place to go on holiday….

Well, different people, different experiences, I am delighted to have the opportunity to live and feel like a citizen of the world.

Until next time, kisses to you good people!

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