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If you hurt an ear or eye,the doctors’ work until 4 pm in Dublin…

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Hello again!

I was gone for a few days, I do not like to write when I’m in a terrible mood. Now it’s all ok again…

So, after the so called “ear infection” which for days stubbornly didn’t want to let me go and after “treating it” with strong antibiotics, on Friday (which was five days ago), the pain became unbearable. My boss sent me to his brother in a neighbouring pharmacy, he called a doctor who advised that I go to the hospital.
I called a tax, it was the first time I’ve experienced a female driver and of course she was pleasant. I arrived to the hospital emergency room and then I noticed a sign on the wall saying “If you hurt an ear or eye, the doctors’ work until four pm”. I looked at the clock, it was ten past four. Niiiiice…. And, of course, the clinic was not open again until Monday. Brilliant.…

So let me rephrase this situation, in Dublin it is better that you do not experience ear or eye pain from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

I headed out, stretched out my hand and a taxi just arrived, yes, just like that, you don’t have to call them, if you are in town you just raise up your hand.

A funny, likeable man at the wheel, with horrible dirty bright jeans. He began to call on the Lord and moan loudly how he hates when girls are in pain and he offered me a ride to another hospital and said that I should prepare myself for an estimated waiting time of approximately five to six hours. I decided to trust my intuition and to try to find a doctor near my home. The taxi driver was happy with the fact that I was the first Croatian woman who ever sat in his car, on my exit he praised my boots and didn’t want me to tip him, so after a short argument I had to leave the tip on his front seat. That was nice of him, he probably thought of me as new in town and that I might not have the money. I love when people are empathetic.

I was lucky, my local pharmacy gave me a recommendation for a doctor who is next to them. “That’s handy,” an Irish would have said.

I was lucky, my local pharmacy gave me a recommendation for a doctor who is next to them. “That’s handy,” an Irish would have said. The doctor was great, a middle-aged man, he asked me what had brought me to Ireland? If I was married to an Irishman?
He showed me the screen frame and the fact that my ear was completely healthy and diagnosed something which I do not know to repeat, but it mainly hurts the jaw bone and because of that, pain can spread to the ear. God bless him… a diagnostician and a half. After four days and two types of pills it hurts much less. He wrote a sick letter to my boss and I returned back to work after two days.

In a local market place for weeks I’ve passed this red device and wondered what it is, I finally caught time to closely explore the mysterious box! Automatic movies vending machine!!! I was so happy about it!! It receives the latest releases every Friday, you simply attach your bank card, pick the movie on the screen and throw it back the next day, all for €2.99. I was very sad when all the video stores closed in Zagreb. Now I’m happy again because I love movies!!!

I’ve slowly started to think again about singing, I have missed singing and performing a lot. I had some stage shows in recent years in Zagreb, mostly in English, so here will be no different. I’m just waiting for my sweet-hearted, opera singing friend to polish my voice. In the past I attended some singing classes but I had to stop them because of more pressing obligations. My tutor has promised to come soon to visit.

But for now I’m taking it slowly, these are all just sweet wishes, there is plenty of time.…
Greetings from your Ana

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