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My birthday, a great day for disappointments…

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Yesterday was my birthday. A friend of mine last week delighted me saying “My gift for your birthday will be taking care of your children for a couple of hours!” Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about, I really need it, two hours spent over a beautiful dinner. We organised a time and I called her to double check she was still available, which she was and she promised to show up, she said she just need to check something and would call me back. Well, you can probably guess, after that I was not able to reach her on the phone any more, or on Facebook even though at the same time she was visibly active on Facebook and sharing images. This pattern repeats regularly with this friend and my word means something and in return I expect the same from my friends.

At work only two colleagues wished me happy birthday, even though they knew about it (because I told them), a simple message on Facebook would have been a nice gesture. They’re all still dear to me but sometimes the coldness of some people can still surprise me. I hope that after a while they will conclude that I am not threat to them. If they want constantly to find flaws in me, of course they will find some but then that will be their loss after all. I’m a person of integrity, I’m always trying to contribute as much as I can and to be there for people with whom I share my every day with. I hope it’s not weird to expect the same in return?!

Today, I was surprised by a client in the salon, who showed me an Irish magazine article about Kulen!! ( ) I could not believe it, a half-page picture and article about the protected Croatian product. Oh, I have missed it so much, I explained her how it is so delicious, nothing like those salami’s of similar appearance imported from Spain which you can find in local market places.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that for my birthday in Ireland they winds blew up to 160 km per hour, followed by heavy rain and floods, with power and water cut off in some areas, all in all, a superb day. I hate “my” birthday.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A new day to hate?! I’ll see…

Kisses to everyone!



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