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Hiii!  My husband asked me what I’d write in today’s blog. “I don’t know yet” I replied. I’ll see after I type it, that’s the reason you love to read me.

Recently a wonderful guy with some issues got in contact with me, after which came the real subject, that he wants to move from Croatia, he feels that he cannot live life with dignity there anymore, he has cried so many tears so far and even his mom thinks he is sick, all because of his sexual orientation, because he’s gay. The guy has a master’s degree, works in a government company and the only thing that he really wants from his life is to find a person who will truly love him. Well, that’s another thing that I love about Ireland, from 2010 civil partnerships between persons of the same sex have been made legal and recognised by the state. You see pictures of registrars, godparents and happy couples in the newspapers (if they are a public figures). Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if that opinion infringes on basic human rights, then it must not be expressed. That’s it!!! And discussion over. Now I’ve lost a few readers, but it doesn’t matter.

I love all good people, of all colours, shapes, sizes…

At the salon the overall atmosphere was back to its usual superb self, after the staff meeting the boss asked me if I would like my hair to be styled by a junior, during shift time. Which I happily accepted. And so she nicely practiced on me, made me a perfect cup of tea, gave me a magazine and had to treat me like any other client. Haha… cool. I must be honest, it’s the third time this month and it had the immediate effect of making me like my job in the salon a bit more. Afterwards, I immediately received a compliment from a young Brazilian guy in the local shop, saying I look “beautiful” and that my husband will be very happy to see me. Well, I explained to him that he obviously does not know anything about marriage, hahahaha…

My mom started reading the blog on her tablet. I could never even imagine that I would link the words “tablet, blog or Skype” in any way with her. Until recently, she declared no knowledge in simply creating a text message and said she didn’t want to learn. Suddenly she’s carrying a tablet around and knows how to reboot the device and how to connect to Skype. She likes my blog and made some comments about my “adventuress nature “(of course not in an admirable way) and complained about the lack of posts related to the children! Yeah, that’s what you are all interested in mostly, does my son still wears diapers? What did the children have for lunch today? I might start publishing 20 images of them in each blog…etc. Haha, Hi mom, please send us some homemade cherry strudel and leave the writing to me.

The other day at lunch break I was walking out of a sandwich bar when I heard someone asking in Croatian: “Ana, is that you?” What a shock. It was a nice lady with whom I have a friendship on Facebook, via my blog and groups. I still had another half hour break and she offered me coffee in a nearby restaurant, managed by a guy originally from Serbia. It was very interesting to listen her story, she is here over 20 years, has two grown children, she’s actually Polish and her husband is from Bosnia. Unusual and interesting encounters always happen to people who are open and willing to accept life as a joyful and interesting adventure that is prone to change.

All the things that happened to me in the past 4 and a half months really reminded me of the words of my dear client Vesna from the Croatian newspaper “24 hours“. Brief background on the story: another friend Jasmina brought Vesna in several times to get her hair done at my hair salon, the last time they came in the exact moment that I began planning on moving to Ireland. Vesna writes horoscopes for above mentioned newspapers and offered me to check mine. Then she told me that I will live by the sea, that I will emigrate to Dublin and that it will be perfect for me, I will acquire more friends than I can imagine, people will accept me fantastically and I will be very popular. I do not believe too much in horoscopes but isn’t that incredible?!…


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