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New Years Eve

New Year’s resolutions

I don’t get chance to tell my loved ones a lot of the things I write, so every time they read it is interesting. Recently I was thinking about how much personal stuff I write here, diaries are usually kept locked, under a pillow

Dart Station Sunrise Dublin

Oops, I did it again…!

The day before yesterday I arrived to the train station on time but I could not find the ticket. It was lost somewhere in my overloaded purse. I ran to the cash register to buy another ticket and who was there but the same man who last time had sent me to the “right side of the station” and I missed the dart. This time he said “wait!”

Upstyle in progress behind the scenes hairstyles Ana-Marija Hota

Schools and my job in Dublin…

So let’s start. The schools are phenomenal, when kids are restless the teacher sings them a little song and everyone sings along. Homework is creative. For example, while learning letter pronunciation, children act out and imitate sounds of snakes, playing tennis