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Work from home the new reality?

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Recent developing virus spread of COVID-19 around the world forced governments, companies and societies to accommodate more alternative approach to everyday life. Simple every day routine like commute to work, buying groceries or dropping kids to school became very limited.

Not a long time ago, just a few months back from the now general understanding and daily usage of modern technology, particularly in work remotely, wasn’t widely considered as beneficial in a full extent. Classic office as a destination from where people only could or must be productive finally comes into the question that deserves thorough evaluation.

Modern technology following by fast internet connection plays a crucial role and makes the foundation for current employees and generations to come.

Let’s go back in time slightly and check the overall thinking of those who where huge fans of “work must be done in an office”. Here are quotes of people from buses, train stations, shops and other public places in the early days of coronavirus and somewhat before full lockdown:

“It was so nice to go to an office, to have tea with colleagues like a grown up… ”

“I like to work in an office, cause I have a nice canteen there..”

“I love when my colleague makes me coffee..”

“I enjoy having a chat with other people…”

 “In an office we have free coffee and snacks…”

“When working from an office, I do not need to spend on heating and electricty…”

Well, sounds familiar? Until now physical presence in a same room with other team mates was decided by the companies. Old fashioned businesses forced people to waste time without any opportunity for rationalization.

Long distance commutes to work, extended office hours surrounded with other employees in limited office space, bad dietary habits, work related stress, peer pressure, various distractions… these are some of the standards of daily work routine.

Work from home as an idea came into light quite a bit before the actual pandemic and smart companies already started to implement certain measures to improve productivity. Many companies already had a small percentage of their work force try remote work and they already know all the benefits.

Work from home and different personalities

People consider personality as major driver in a persons life determination and social interaction.

Remote work probably has more admirers from more introverted people but extroverts should not feel as if they’re losing something, on the contrary one of the most important benefits they will start to see is that they have more available time that they could manifest in their well-being. It’s just a matter of slightly adjusting daily routines. Whatever type of daily routine you used to have is nothing more than a habit, no matter if delegated by others or instructed by yourself. But time can not be reverted once waisted and we can’t do anything about that!

How could work from home benefit companies in the long run?

In remote work, companies have to face with planing new budgets, strategies, analysis and managing human potential.

Recent statistical data gathered from various companies shows significant improvement in employees productivity. While global data still has to be gathered and evaluated these recent positive news can not be ignored.

Budgets that were previously used for building and maintaining offices could instead be used for giving employees the equipment they need for their work, for example tables, laptops, insurance, collaboration software etc. The cost of running a business could drop. The employees health could benefit from better nutrition and well-being which would lead to a happier professional life.

How can local businesses benefit from remote work?

The shift from centralized economy and large city centers with situated businesses who are trying to gain as much as they can in profits, in the future could be spread to smaller local communities. Local communities could become more organized and further improved to support new business structure. People could get more connected to local society, participate in local activities, orient their wasted energy and time spent in commute to and back from work into more quality oriented habits with in their close proximity.

Let’s consider another interesting fact, if you own or rent a property and spend approximately 10 hours out of your home by working and traveling to work then 41.5% of your rent or mortgage is being wasted. Do you see my point?

Environment benefit?

Less travel means less pollution, the daily commute to work is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful for the environment. Especially if you are traveling by car instead of public transport.

The average car produces around 6 tones of carbon dioxide each year and traveling to work is a big part of that. So by not traveling to work you are greatly reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring a safe future for the next generation.

So in conclusion working from home can greatly benefit everyone involved and this could be the first step towards a better and promising future!

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