Life in Dublin

zivot u dublinu karikatura

My journey

In this blog you can follow my adventures, moving from Zagreb, Croatia, to Dublin, Ireland, where I relocated with my husband and two small kids. I am spontaneous and straightforward person, so my stories are the same. They might make you laugh sometimes; they might make you cry some other times… But each and every one of them is written in an honest and raw way, just the way I felt it at that particular moment.

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Hen Party Dublin - Last Night of Freedom

Dublin’s Best Kept Secrets

The capital of the emerald isles, Dublin is the preconception of Ireland embodied. From Guinness to the clandestine atmosphere that the Irish are famous for, Dublin is on the bucket list for travellers from all around the world…

Woman feeding reindeer

A German girl: OH, how I love Ireland!

I’ve met Leandra Castellino on the internet, one boring afternoon during the snow storm in Ireland. We expats were united in the laughter and surprise; how is it possible that only 5 cm of snow has such a huge impact on the country?!