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Hello good people!

The days are passing by so quickly that I feel like writing every day, not once a week. The last few days I was down, everything frustrated me, especially games played by some people, it kept me awake at random times during the night, 5am etc.

I’m finally getting a clear picture of what a wonderful bubble I’ve been in the last 10 years, being my own boss, without female games behind the scenes around me. But since they already started the game, that’s no problem, I played my game smarter….

Yesterday at the staff meeting (I call it brain washing) I declared myself as a newbie and that I would really appreciate if my lovely colleagues could give me feedback if I missed something related to my duty rather than spreading various rumours, as they are totally counterproductive. I gave the simple reason “I cannot read minds“. I was shocked when the junior apprentice, who has no years of experience, knowledge or education in the area dared to say “You have to judge for yourself what needs to be done!”. Whaaaat?
Aside from anything, I’m not from Ireland and whatever it is normal in salons here is not necessarily normal in other parts of the world, a lot of things here are brand new to me. I have adapted to the many conditions and considering team work is of high importance it would be nice to receive the same helpful attitude from the team.

Yesterday the Dart left without me, the doors closed in front of my nose, so I decided to get a different train in the city, after all I’ve been here four months so I’m beginning to feel more at home navigating the train routes. I walked into one that I was not sure would stop at my station and I asked the nearest Irishman. He said checked the app on his phone and found it did. When he asked where I was from he laughed and said, “Oh, and I thought you were from Spain!“. Whaaattt, Pleeassse?! Hahaha, Spain, now that’s hilarious. Maybe because of my tanned complexion, dark hair and eyes?! Hahaha. I listen music and browsed online until my battery ran out. A while later the same guy nudged me saying, “Your station” which I knew but it was a nice gesture.

Every Monday starts with the same client, a nice lady with a good figure. She shared some interesting information, how the street where I work is actually called the “Golden Mile” because of its proximity to the American Embassy, UK Embassy and dozens more. She thought I was from Estonia, I said: “Oh thank God, I am not from Estonia, we have better weather conditions in Croatia“. She laughed like crazy and during our conversation we realized that we are both Aquarius that we hate January and love February because of our birthdays.

Something I really like in Ireland is the fact that you do not have to think a lot about obligations waiting for you, making notes on calendars and marking important dates. The best example is enrolling in a school, from autumn my daughter will start second class in a new school. Entries are already in progress, we were informed by the school in a letter, a list of documents needs to provided (nothing, in comparison to the bureaucracy in Croatia) and we were given a deadline for all this. Following that we received a sms with the same notification.

Later I received a letter about the school’s uniform exchange that runs a couple of times a year, asking if we would like to participate. If you do not have anything to donate, you can buy uniforms at very reasonable prices. So smart!!!

In addition to that they provided information about books and comics available to borrow from the local library. Two days before the return date you’re reminded by sms to return or extend your loan, which can also done over the phone or online. Awesome! And the membership and all loans are completely free. Even more, most of the museums are free to visit in Dublin, which are at the top of my list of priorities, just to escape the wind and rain.

Enjoy nice people,


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