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For years, I wanted to visit New York. If I had stayed in Croatia, this desire would probably remain unfulfilled. I still find it an unattainable idea but it won’t be for long.

In the meanwhile, New York has come to me. The day before yesterday I did hair cut for a beautiful, warm woman who lived most of her life in New York and currently lives in San Francisco. Her daughter is a student in Trinity College and decided to stayed here because of an Irish boyfriend.

As her story unfolded it turned out that my American friend and I went through similar things in life. She told me about people and life in New York and San Francisco, and I spoke to her about our beautiful coast in Croatia and we both spoke about how the Irish people are very friendly towards tourists. In New York she described how someone will never come up and talk at a station with you, only if it’s a large traffic jam, then they just talk to complain and comment. She loved the wages and jobs that she and her husband had and hated the weather with the too high or too low temperatures during the year.

At the end of our session took my business card and said, “Oh, your name is Ana? I’m Ann J”. She concluded that she will keep my card in case of her next visit to Dublin and she rewarded me with a fine tip. So far in the salon I’ve been mostly impressed by the Americans, Australians and Canadians, sometimes I wonder if I choose to settle in the wrong country?! Hehehe. Of course not, silly me.

I am very delighted and exceptionally proud of the resent requests by one the most important Croatian people of all here in Dublin, our dear ambassador, who recently placed her hair freely into my hands. A lovely woman, for whom I only have words of praise. She again confirmed what I already knew; people of importance are often the nicest!

The other day, a dear client of mine from Croatia, or let me be more precise, from Mexico, invited me to be a speaker at the event of worldwide initiatives: He wants me to make a speech in Zagreb, on the topic of “Going out of your comfort zone.” Wow, for me this really is a great honour. I am blown away and I hope to be able to realize this offer.

Today it is a sunny day, hence the shorter post, I will try to grab a walk, make pancakes with cheese, I have a meeting with a school teacher and I want to find time to do nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Finally… Big hug!