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Irish girl with a tattoo in Croatian…?!

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Hello! Recently my junior apprentice in the salon asked me to translate a sentence for her from English to Croatian because she wants to have a tattoo and does not want the tattoo in English. She also asked the Brazilian for a translation into Portuguese. How’s that for funny. I asked her “why would you like a tattoo in the Croatian language, given that it has no meaning for you?” After a few days and many hours in close consideration, she finally decided that it was not the best idea. Fortunately!

AHahaaha… Maybe one day I’ll rock up with the idea of getting a tattoo in, uhm, maybe Polish, YES, definitely, actually no, most certainly in Romanian.

Oh, those late teenage years….

Aaaanyway… The rest of that day in work went great, everything was under control and on time, with an unexpected surprise, a nearby restaurant sent us a dozen complimentary sandwiches. The salon buys sandwiches from them every Thursday and Friday for our clients and occasionally the waiter comes with a complimentary platter. They are usually only for clients but that was an exception so we wholeheartedly sacrificed our toned figures and ate them all… Hahaha…

One of my clients was a well-known novelist. She has nine novels so far and they have been translated into many languages. I tried to remember whether they were translated into Croatian, I know that some of them have been translated to Serbian. I must remember to research her more in detail and I’ll add a link. She’s so nice, simple and uncomplicated. She asked me much why I sold the business, why I came here, what the salaries are in Croatia? Is it possible that it is worse than in Ireland? It’s amazing how many times I have heard those questions. Do I live in another country?! Because I really do not see a great deal of suffering and the recession some people are talking about. According to some articles on the net it seems people here had a luxurious life a few years ago.

Nevertheless, all I’m saying to everybody is how beautiful Croatia is. And always with an emphasis on those last three words: FOR A HOLIDAY. One of my colleagues said that she became interested in visiting Croatia after conversations with me and is going to visit this year. The most important for her is that the hotel has a swimming pool. So I explained, during the summer it totally sucks to spend time at the pool while the wonderful warm, crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches and ancient heritage are all around.

I took some brochures full of images supporting my statements of Croatia’s beauty from the embassy while I was applying for our short term residency and I left them in our staff room. My Brazilian colleague says that some places look very similar to Brazil but they have a lot of poor people on the street too. It’s so sad….

Kiss, Yours Ana…

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