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It’s official… I like people in Ireland!!!

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I’m typing this on Christmas Eve… I definitely did not mean to blog but I have to publicly declare my growing love for the Irish people.

Yesterday, after another in a series of too overloaded and long, busy days, I was having a conversation over the phone with my family. Sitting next to me were a married couple in early 40’s, their daughter approximately 12 years old and son about 10 years old. I noticed how the boy was studying me with interest. When I finished with the conversation to my family I yawned, and suddenly his dad turned with a smile “Oh, you must be so tired?!“. Haha, I returned the smile and replied “No, I’m not, I’m more than tired! Being a hair stylist at Christmas time …”

Then his wife, a very friendly woman asked me where I’m from. “Croatia” I returned. The man said: “My son asked me what language you were speaking, I told him Polish“. We must have all talked for more than 20 minutes about everything, it turned out that they are teachers in a school in a neighbouring municipality a child from Croatia and one from Bosnia attend their school… What actually surprised me the most was with how much warmth, sincerity and interest they absorbed every word of our arrival here, our work in Croatia and led a discussion comparing the difficulty and cost of living in Ireland or in Croatia. Of course they were taken aback by the fact that here I’m earning more than doctors do in Croatia. It was obvious that they were sorry to hear it, and then the guy broke the atmosphere with the legendary witty statement: “Oh, no, bloody hell, that means more Croatians are on the way?! Sweet Jesus. Are they all good looking and smart like you? If they are pretty and smart like you, then it’s ok”. His family were laughing and joking, and I was thinking, “It’s amazing, I’d kill my husband for such talk to a young foreigner…” Hahaha, it was really fascinating social behaviour and so tolerant….

It was obvious that the man had a great sense of humour and that they enjoyed the unusual meeting with me. Also they said a word of praise for my “excellent English” (I still think it could be better). The woman said, “You must have studied English in Croatia, did you?” I then followed with my usual phrase (and the truth by the way), that I did not study English, not even for a day, how I picked up all my English from the movies and from songs. The man, astonished by surprise, added: “Sweet Jesus, unbelievable, I’ll go crazy…” So he teased me further, asking if he can come to me for a curling treatment… “Of course” I said and immediately pulled out a business card and gave it to his wife. Again with loud voice he added, “Oh, no, she pulled out a business card, Sweet Jesus…”

An unforgettable encounter with a beautiful Irish family…

Christmas Eve…

Outside an icy wind is blowing but the weather is irrelevant compared to the atmosphere that prevailed in the salon. Our clients today were worshiped with complimentary champagne and Irish Christmas cake baked by the owner. She told me that her secret is to soak the raisins in the Sherry, Cognac and Brandy for a month. It is fine cake, I must admit, but about the champagne I wouldn’t know as I simply do not practise drinking during working hours. Believe me, by the end of the working day it had disappeared after so many hands had filed up glasses for themselves.

Our Brazilian colleague brought us seasonal headdress decorations, tiny Santa Claus hats and reindeer horns. I picked the horns for myself…

At home our pine tree has been decorated, the gifts will hopefully be seamlessly delivered under the tree, a French salad and roast turkey is waiting to be eaten tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating it!!!
Big kiss, your Ana…

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