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Dutch guy: “Move to Ireland, the people here are fantastic!

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My next story is about interesting Pascal Kelderman, expat from the Netherlands.

Where are you from originally?

I am from a small country called the Netherlands. I am from Nijmegen. Great city, visit it!

Why and when did you relocate from your country ?

Before this I lived in Krakow, Poland. (between 2016 and 2017) I lived there for nearly 2 years and I was not happy with the country. I decided I wanted to move to an English speaking country. I found a job offer so I went early February 2017! I am also a big sucker for adventure, so this really attracted me.

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Have you lived anywhere else? How did you like it there?

I have lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Which I really love, however due to some VISA issues, I moved to Krakow, Poland. Which is beautiful in whole another way.

What made you choose Ireland?

To be honest, I didn’t research Ireland, I never even visited Ireland before. But looking at pictures. I was sold right away. Also my new job paid all expenses so moving was really easy.

Are you happy with your job?

I am currently working as Contract Renewal Representative for a Global international company. I work in a multicultural team (Brazil, Chile, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and many more countries). I really like it here. Especially because there is something fun going every Friday. 🙂


How do you like living in Ireland?

I like living in Ireland, I have quite explored quite a bit Cork, Galway, Belfast. Done most of the touristic things, but there is always more to explore. I live in Dublin. It is quite expensive (even for a Dutch guy).

How different is Ireland from Netherlands?

Ireland is quite a large country with not a lot of inhabitants. Compared to the Netherlands everything is spaced out. Travelling by train to Cork might take you 3 hours. While the maximum travel time from east to west in the Netherlands will take you half that amount. Also the Irish are very friendly and more approachable than the Dutch!

How did being an expat/immigrant change you?

I never lived alone before I moved to South Africa, so it made me more of a responsible adult quicker. It also changed me in a way to deal with issues a lot quicker and more direct.

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Have you ever experienced any discrimination, or someone being rude to you because of your nationality or race?

In Ireland I never faced discrimination, because I speak Dutch I get hired for those Dutch Speaking roles.

How do you like Irish people? What are the biggest differences (habits, traditions, lifestyle)?

The Irish are really nice, they like to drink and are always great folks to have on a party.

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Did anything surprise you since living here (positive or negative)?

The people are very nice, however the kids are not at all, the bad parenting really kills it for me. The gardai should start to care more, been in a few situations where they were unable to even bother.

Are you planning to stay in Ireland?

I like it here a lot, however I might move to my next great challenge in the next 5 years, which is Mexico. I met my (Mexican) girlfriend here in Dublin, the next challenge to is live together. That is my current goal.

Is there enough job opportunities in Ireland in your opinion?

Lot’s of jobs, but not enough housing. Think we should focus on housing first then jobs. The nature is very beautiful, I often take a nice hike and enjoy the wild Ireland.

Do you have favourite place that you go to when you want to relax (your happy place)?

In the Netherlands we don’t have a Nando’s. I think I am actually known to the staff in my favourite Nando’s restaurant. Haha. The nature is very beautiful, I often take a nice hike and enjoy the wild Ireland

How often you’re feeling nostalgic?

I try to keep myself busy, most important is that you keep exploring and learn new things.

We have to mention the weather 😀 Your thoughts about it?

As a Dutch, I have to complain about the weather. It is not that bad compared to the Netherlands though!


Would you recommend to other people to relocate to Ireland? Why?

I would recommend moving to Ireland, the people here are fantastic!

Do you ever regret moving here?

No not at all!

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