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David was recommended to me a year ago by a friend from Netherland, at that time he was still working in London, so I couldn’t find time to see him. Luckily, David recently opened his clinic in Dublin 🙂
Even after my first visit, I felt way better and by the time of my third visit, my pain was gone! I am thrilled with his work and approach.

About David:

”David Mc Gettigan is an experienced and passionate therapist who uses neurological treatment techniques (P-DTR®) in combination with movement integration (AiM) and education, to eradicate both acute and chronic pain. His approach is personal and specific to each person he works with, recognising that each person has their own story, and that no two symptoms arise from the same mechanism. David has understood for quite a while that the key to making change for all of us lies in our own individual story. We are all humans before we have symptoms or conditions and as a result we have influences from the biological, psychological and sociological sources. Piecing together the influence of previous injuries (biological), beliefs, stressors and social factors (psychosocial) in combination with how your body currently moves is what truly sets David apart from other therapists. This allows him to really get to the root cause of where your symptoms are coming from.

David has great experience in the field of performance enhancement for elite and amateur athletes in many different sporting disciplines. He achieves this by assessing the state of each individuals nervous system and working to promote more efficiency of movement and more authentic function. In the past, he has worked closely with professional tennis and football players to improve their performance.”

For a long time I thought, oh well, I am in pain, that’s normal because of my job, or this or that. I got used to feeling pain after every crazy busy week. If it wasn’t for David, I’d still be in the same mindset. He really explained to me how our body and mind are working together to fix what’s “broken”, with a little help from an expert.

Go and see him!

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