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Today is Saturday and it is the 16th day since we arrived in Ireland. It was very busy at the salon and interesting….one of my clients was a witty Irish woman with whom I laughed a lot, we were talking about how in some countries movies are dubbed with a single person doing all the actors’ roles. We concluded how awful it is watching someone like Brad Pitt on the screen when his voice is being delivered by a mature German woman.
She broke out laughing when I told her that my two and a half year old son doesn’t want to talk much Croatian recently, instead he tries to mimic his sister five years his elder and pronounces each English word he hears. My daughter has already learned a few sentences in Irish and of course, my son has too.  Totally amazing! None of us have any idea what that means, but at least we are having fun….

Today I had a Canadian getting a hair cut with me who also came to work in Dublin two weeks ago. He was delighted with is hairstyle and said he will request me constantly from now on. The salon manager is totally hilarious, in her early 40’s, when I arrived in new short dress and with elegant high heels boots, she first commented how great I’m looking, and then bent down with words, ” Woow, what a lovely pair of legs you have, not squat like mine…” hahaha, and then she looked at her legs in anger, shook her head and went away, it was a very funny scene….
The manager and the owner have the same dragon character personality, it is clear with them that no playing around will be tolerated and that without hesitation they will say when they want something done differently. However, they do know how to praise someone else’s work, effort and give maximum respect to their employees.

The owner today winked and smiled when she saw how I did the colour, haircut and blow dry for the Irish lady from the beginning of this post.

Yesterday, the owner brought the cake of a dream, as a gift to a colleague who’s birthday it was. I hate cake otherwise but this was pure chocolate, delicious, heavy with something crunchy inside and on top it was spread with fresh strawberries and currants…

They were not able to cut it, so they called me, the cake was only possible to cut by stabbing with a knife, hitting it by hand and then breaking apart. Hahahaha, they admired my skill and wondered how I managed it, so I explained to them that after delivering two kids everything else is ” A piece of cake “.

The owner today winked and smiled when she saw how I did the colour, haircut and blow dry for the Irish lady from the beginning of this post. It’s truly nice to get a compliment because we creative people often feel quite insecure in our own work. In reality you’re aware that you’re outstanding but that something always still bugs you. Simply because there is no perfection in this business, you can make a perfect hairstyle and can appeal to hundreds of thousands of people, but if you do not have like approval from the person who wears it or from your boss, uh, it all falls apart. So far, I have received only compliments, I hope it will continue in my favour.

A returning client from the last week, a middle-aged Spanish-speaking woman asked for me, just because she was thrilled last time. I ‘ Knocked her down ’ but even more because of my knowledge of the Spanish language, which I do not know much, but she was impressed that we did not need translation from her son who came to the salon with her. She had a very elegant and warm attitude lady just like my mom and many other Croatian ladies.

On Saturday I worked until 5 pm, it was a wonderful sunny and warm day and my family was waiting for me at the beach. My daughter made a life size drawing of me in the sand with the edges fulfilled with dandelions and sea shells and my son made a small sandy cake with shells and stones, which totally melted me down. After, we walked along the beach, by the hilly lawn until the evening and thought how now have everything I dreamed of…

Hope it will stay this way…

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