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Firstly, thank you all for reading, you totally surprised me, two websites even transfered my blogs, and you read me in Croatia, BiH, Serbia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States…
Wooohooo…Thank you very much ..!

Sunday was a lovely day and we spent it exploring around a beautiful castle in a suburb of Dublin. The road to the castle is a beautiful promenade full of trees and various plants, from palm trees to flowers and the inevitable nicely mown lawn. The castle is fantastic, the tower covered in ivy, stone steps lead to the entrance and the estate is spread over thousands of square meters, just an unforgettable sight. I think I finally found my long-lost castle :)….

As far as I know my great-grandmother was an Austro-Hungarian countess  but she gave up everything for my great-grandfather. Why? It is one of those stories where love is stronger than all the obstacles which status, power and wealth may impose. You may already have predicted indeed how my great-grandfather was in contrast a poor farmer. Yes, I know that this castle is actually in Ireland and not in Austria, but let me fantasize … 🙂

I was very surprised by the weather in Ireland, sometimes drizzle is falling but not nearly as boring as in Zagreb.

My daughter says that I’m not a princess, just a queen and that she is a princess. Smart girl if you ask me. In addition to the castle is a botanical garden into which we could not enter because it was too late in the day. We could not even get to the castle for the same reason but we will correct that as early as next weekend.

I was very surprised by the weather in Ireland, sometimes drizzle is falling but not nearly as boring as in Zagreb. On the internet I found the official data on annual precipitation and Zagreb leads by approximately 10%, thus all those stories about it raining all day in Ireland are falling into the water. At the moment it is between 16-19° Celsius during the day and during the night around 12-15°C, while in Zagreb during the night it is only 2°C. Also, so far I really like the sea air….

Today I worked from 7 am again. I really don’t like getting up at 5.30 am, my clients in Zagreb can attest to that  🙂  Usually I would show up a bit late in the morning, the salon would open from 10 am and I would show up about half past 10.

In the morning it’s still dark and the dart is half-empty but it is very cool passing the Google building which is only one station away from the salon where I work. The building is next to the Dart station, it literally has an entrance from the station and in the morning you can see into most of the offices that also house their restaurant and a gym and is really impressive….

The next station is mine, beside the beautiful Aviva stadium, which illuminated at night looks like a spaceship, a UFO, like it is floating on the air. I walk by huge villas, consulates, courts and the US Embassy. IBM is also nearby and of course Starbucks 😀 When I don’t have time to reach it near my apartment, this one awaits me next to the salon, and I must mention my dear cousin who hates me for it. …

In the salon I had a vivacious client whose hair I coloured, an older gentleman, fun and loud, dressed in a burns tweed suit and black old all-star sneakers, with a hairstyle similar to Mr. Bean, but blonde.

A client of my Brazilian colleague stopped me in the lounge with asking “Where are you from?” after I replied he said “ooooo Croaaatia, beautiful country, never been there”, hahahaha, but the main thing is that it really is beautiful. He added that we had a bad past and asked if Croatia is safe now. Well, I almost told him that the bombs are falling every day, but I have to be polite. I hope you understand why my reaction is slightly cynical, Croatia has already enjoyed long 17 peaceful and prosperous years and recently in September 2013, it joined European Union as a constitutively equal member.

He asked where I studied English, I replied, “Nowhere, I picked it up along the way from the movies”, again the same story “Whaaaat? Really? Unbelievable! Fantastic…”. Yep, that’s it when you have talent….
I’m going now, slightly tired, to prevent me start writing nonsense (even more than usual).

Kisses to you girls, greeting to the guys, see you 🙂

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